Friday, August 8, 2008


I know what you are thinking, "I have a résumé and it is perfectly fine. Why do I need a résumé writer?" Well, for one, if you are reading this article and in pursuit for a job and have submitted your résumé a few times with NO luck, then, my guess is, you are a PERFECT candidate for a resume writer.

A résumé writer has skills beyond those of wordsmiths or editors. A truly gifted résumé writer will also have experience in human resources or career coaching - either professionally or by acquiring a decent working knowledge of those professions on their own through reading, research, or classes and workshops. They use those skills to not only help you write your résumé, but to also interview you and ferret out information about you that is appropriate to the job you want. The more they can represent you as the right person with the right experience, the better your résumé will be.

A résumé writer will not only critique and polish your resume, but they can write it for you. They will review your resume from an employers point of view - that is a worth every penny a résumé writer charges for their services.

Hiring résumé writing is not much different that hiring any other specialist or pro, and choosing the most talented and experienced is the most desirable course of action. Just as you would check references and examples of previous projects in order to choose a carpenter, magazine writer, or real estate agent, you should likewise check around and try to find a résumé writer with a good track record for service and success.

With the right resume, having a experienced pro in your back pocket, you will achieve the job you are looking for.

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