Friday, August 8, 2008


Some people dislike or even hate their boss. But, do you know that he/she has a significant role in your path of career? Instead of detest him/her, why don’t you try to ‘manage’ him/her?

What to do?

1.Understand him/her well

Learn his/her priority. Ask yourself what he/she might need from you as an employee. Find out how to anticipate the need.

2.Understand his style of communication

Is he a listener or a reader? If he’s more like a listener, you can explain everything to him. Yet, if he’s more like a reader, prepare a report or note for him to read.

3.Understand his/her working style

Does he/she insist on perfection? Does he/she love working late? Or, does he/she prefer to work from 9-5? By knowing how his/her style, you can try to do the same thing he/she does.

4.Show your commitment

Let him/her know that you are committed to your job. You can give him/her a sign that you need his/her support on doing the tasks. That way, he/she would feel important and would help you with all his might.

5.Don’t be a Yes-Sir/Ma’am type of employee

No need to kiss his/her ass. It won’t work. Even if you do, you might be someone with more enemies than friends at the office. Other employees will look down on you.

6.Be quiet

If he/she makes a mistake, don’t make such a fuss about it. You can correct it without having to hurt his//her pride.

7.Knowing the hot button

Find out what triggers his/her anger. Is it your being late to come to the office, or your coming up in a meeting without any new ideas or your grammatical mistakes in your report, or his/her knowing that you like to gossip? You’d better stop doing what he/she doesn’t like if you don’t want to make him/her angry.

8.Ask for a feedback

He/she would like it if you ask for his/her opinion.

9.Give him a feedback

Only if it’s a success. If somehow he/she fails, keep it to yourself and only tell him/her when he/she asks for it.

10.Change your attitude

Change yourself and be a better employee and turn your relationship with the boss into a positive one. That way, he/she would more than love to ‘follow’ what you want.

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