Friday, August 8, 2008


Looking for a job can be a really disheartening experience. But if you have managed to get to the job interview stage, then the chances are that you have the skills and experience that the employer is looking for. All you need to do now is impress them in the interview. Here are a few tips that should make sure that you manage to leave an impression on them.

Wear a Suit

Always (and I mean always) wear a suit. You can be underdressed for a job interview, but you can never be over-dressed. And if everything is equal between two applicants when the employer has to decide, they will be far more likely to take the applicant who was tidy and well-dressed. Make sure that it's you! This is a really simple thing to do, but you would be amazed how many people don't follow this basic rule.

Learn The Interviewer's Name

Calling people by name leaves an impression. If you know the name of your interviwer, then use it and use it often. If you don't know their name before the interview then find out by whatever means you can. Use the internet or call them and ask who will be interviewing you.

Tell Them What You Will Do For The Company

If you have got an interview, the employer already thinks you have the skills and experience to do the job. That is already established so there is no need to spend much time rehashing it. Instead, do a little bit of research on the company and the position you are applying for and make some notes on what you think you can do for the company. Spend your time telling your interview what you would like to do for them. This takes a certain amount of confidence, but if you believe you belong in the company, you should have no problems.

Make Eye Contact

Eye contact signifies a confident and truthful person. People are naturally attracted to confident people. One easy way to show your confidence is to maintain eye contact during your interview. Don't stare, but confortable eye contact with your interviewer will certainly help your cause.

Believe in Yourself

By the interview stage, you have submitted your resume so your interviewer already knows your skills. You have already proven that you are good enough to to get their interest. All that is left is sealing the deal. All it takes to seal the deal in a job interview is a bit of self confidence and some planning. The fact that you have got as far as the interview should show you that you have what it takes. Now you just need to believe in yourself.

Job interviews don't need to be the stressful and unpleasant experience that you think. By showing a little confidence, believing in your own abilities and planing for your interview, you can really increase your chances of making it past the job interview stage and getting a job. Follow these tips and you may jost be surprised at how well you do!

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