Friday, August 8, 2008


An animator creates animation by creating sequential images on a frame that make an illusion of movement of images. Animators create the images and decide the flow of motion in each image to put into the frame. There are several animators may be required for an animation movie or presentations. There are varieties of animations are required in film industry, television, the Internet and video games. Animators have wide fields of career and exploration.

Knowledge for Animator

An animator should know all the relevant activities like storyboard preparation, layout fixation, sound incorporation, background music sense, lighting, and camera angles etc. Hence, the animator can keep everything in mind when design and can instruct the respective artists whenever required. Animators are specialized in two categories. One is character animator, who is specialized in character (human, animal) movement, dialogue, acting, etc. and other is special effects animator, who animates objects that is not a character such as vehicles, road, and natural phenomena such as rain, snow, and water.

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