Friday, August 8, 2008


As some risk is associated with nursing, so one should have complete knowledge about, what nursing is? If you or one of your friends has decided to join the nursing profession then you should be conscious about the risks involved with this field. Nurses have to work in hospitals or clinics where they may have to take care of patients who are suffering from some infectious disease. In this profession of nursing which is based on caring someone, gaining practical and scientific knowledge, are the main and undistributed parts of the nursing profession.

One should consciously weigh the disadvantages and advantages before joining BSN program. If one is conscious about opportunities associated with this course he will see the broader and brighter part of this course. As numbers of people get enrolled in nursing course, it will decrease the workload over nurses presently working in numbers of hospitals; number of older people getting nursing care will grow quickly. For Example, the employment in hospitals are growing slowly as compared to other health care firms due to which work load on presently working employees is more and facilities provided by hospital becomes limited, therefore for the admission of new patient, the old patient has to be discharged as soon as possible. Because of less employment, hospitals also have to face financial pressure which in return increases the financial pressure on patient.

As the nursing field is continuously changing with change in technology and diseases, therefore one should be conscious about the basic trends associates with this profession to choose right path for future career in nursing. For example a nurse working in trauma or emergency department of hospital has to deal with patients that are on high risk of losing life.

The support and help of senior and experienced nurses enables you to practice nursing at initial stage. Working with experienced health care team will teach how to deal with ambulatory, serious patient and also teach to develop home environment and care for patient.

To avoid any risk in the field of nursing, one should gain good nursing education from any reputed institute, which is necessary to avoid any hazardous effect of nursing. But, the data available shows that count of registered nurses is decreasing. This decrease in count of registered nurses quality of nursing has also decreased. The education provided by each nursing school is actually based on the knowledge which is necessary to ensure that local community will get good and safe nursing. Nursing schools provide all basic education and level of knowledge that one good nurse should have. After completion of academic course, the experience and practical education gain by any nurse help them to become better and good in her profession.

Numbers of good career options are included by the profession of nursing. Only thing is to join a reputed and good nursing school. The specialists are categorized according to type of treatment, condition, disease, type of body system or organ with which nurses are particularly dealing. The main motto of nursing is to serve needy persons and also help them get cured by caring.

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